Astrological Services

I provide astrological services using Classical Western methods, grounded in the Divine Feminine. My readings are designed to provide advice and guidance to help people be their best selves and to navigate their individual circumstances in a helpful and productive manner.

I offer written reports and/or personal consultation by telephone or Skype.

Basic written reports:

Nativity Report $100

1 Year Forecast $100

Compatibility Analysis (for relationships between two people) $100

Temperament Analysis $25

All written reports require the date, time, and place of birth for all individuals involved.

Personal Consultation and Other Services

The nature and cost of personal consultations by telephone or Skype will be negotiated privately based on the client’s individual needs and circumstances. In addition to the services I offer in written format, I also offer Horary readings, which answer specific questions, and Electional services, which help determine beneficial times for important planned events.

To arrange astrological services, please use this contact form:





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